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Our Vision & Mission

The barrier to widespread cryptocurrency adoption is high confusion. Cryptocurrency security, privacy and transaction speed, the traditional price exceeds its currency equivalent. These complexities, blockchain technology and non-intuitive user interfaces, new users' cryptocurrency it prevents them from accepting their units as a form of payment. Both consumers and Crypto payment platform options available for merchants has critical features and functionality compared to price payment platforms we believe not. Our target plan is the traditional market's payment platforms with cryptocurrencies to bridge the gap between and open the way for crypto payments.

Our vision ROTA, Blockchain with goals together with ROTA investors who believe in an idea It is designed to be the New ROUTE of money in its field. It aims to be the most used crypto currency in the world. ROUTE Owners, State-of-the-art financial services, making the entire region transparent and decentralized creating the system, the core of a huge worldwide community it will be. ROTA's goal is a simple global currency and to billions of people to provide a reaching financial infrastructure. This document is a decentralized block innovator including chain, a cryptocurrency, smart contract, exchange platform a financial ecosystem outlines our plans.

All revenues are used to finance the Ecosystem currencies!

Bitrota Exchange
Staking Cryptocurrency
Social Media Platform
Genesis Blockchain Platform

What is TALENT Coin ?

TALENT coin’s goal is to be a simple global currency that reaches billions of people to provide financial infrastructure.

TALENT Coin is designed for an easy and simple daily earnings system in the blockchain space with big profit targets together with investors who believe in an idea in the ROTA Ecosystem.

The goal of the TALENT project is to provide a simple global currency and financial infrastructure that reaches billions of people.

ROTA Ecosystem is described as a decentralized block innovator that includes blockchain, cryptocurrency, smart contract, exchange platform and financial ecosystem.

In addition to these, TLNT is a crypto currency with coin staking and the project was launched in September 2020. It is stated that the total supply of TLNT, which is an TRC-20 token, will be 88,000,000,000 TLNT. The Daily Staking Rate is set at 1%.

All revenues of the ecosystem are used for their own financial currency.


* Staking Earnings
365 Day ~ % 365


What is ROTA Coin ?

ROTA is the local cryptocurrency of the cryptocurrency exchange called Bitrota.

Stating that they provide two-factor authentication for all users and are very meticulous about security, Bitrota also states that they serve their users with fast deposit and withdrawal options.

The ROTA Ecosystem, which stands out globally with the slogan of More than a Stock Exchange, is growing day by day with the goals of creating a Stock Exchange, Staking Platform, a unique Genesis Blockchain and Blockchain Social Media Platform.

In addition to these, it is stated that ROTA coin is a TRON network-based TRC20 cryptocurrency and its total supply is limited with 25 million.

The ROTA Staking Rate is set at 4% per week.

All the revenues of the ecosystem are used for their own financial currency.


*Staking Earnings
52 WEEK ~ % 208


Distribution of Tokens

ROTA Distribution

  • Private Pre-Sale

    2,000,000 ROTA

  • Sale

    4,000,000 ROTA

  • Staking Pool and Promotion

    19,000,000 ROTA

TLNT Distribution

  • Staking Pool and Promotion

    87,120,000,000 TLNT

  • Private Pre-Sale

    80,000,000 TLNT

  • Sales

    800,000,000 TLNT

ROTA Coin on Nomics

TALENT Coin on Nomics

Fund Allocation

ROTA Fund Allocation

  • %50 Ecosystem Development

  • %7 Security

  • %7 Advertising Expenses

  • %10 Prize Pool

  • %7 Marketing and Promotion Expenses

  • %10 Bonus System

  • %9 Corporate Improvements

TLNT Fund Allocation

  • %50 Renewable Energy Investments

  • %20 Rota Platform Development

  • %7 Security

  • %7 Advertising Expenses

  • %7 Marketing and Promotion Expenses

  • %9 Corporate Improvements




Rota Ecosystem

Most popular Defi project , Best coin farming

Bitrota Exchange

ROTA Road Map


TLNT Road Map


How to Buy Our Tokens





Rota Ecosystem

Token Information

ROTA Coin Information

Token Name: ROTA Coin
Symbol: ROTA
Platform: TRON TRC20
Precision: 6
Total Supply: 25,000,000 ROTA

TLNT Coin Information

Token Name: TALENT
Symbol: TLNT
Platform: TRON TRC20
Precision: 18
Total Supply: 88,000,000,000 TLNT

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